May 1st: Worst Prom Ever


Hanging out with friends, Jakob Zwank, Nathaniel Aukes, and Zachary Selover spend their “prom” night under the stars.

Prom at ADM HS was scheduled for May 1st. Sadly, with prom having been canceled, that date has come and gone without a grand march, dance, or after prom. Without a night to remember, what did students do?

ADM students are still awaiting their last high school prom. Many of them had already bought and arranged their dresses, dates, dinner reservations, etc. All of which had to be post-poned. “I was really looking forward to prom. This year was extra special to me because I was going to get to play with twisted goat and the people I’m going with a re all very special to me.” said Aukes.

So instead of hitting the dance floor on May 1st, Nathaniel attended a bonfire with his friends. “I was happy to be able to spend some time with my friends on that night, even if we didn’t get to go to prom.” Aukes said. Following the six feet apart rule, Nathaniel and his friends enjoyed a night under the stars. They are looking forward to Saturday June 20th, the date that prom is rescheduled for. “Right now, obviously I, as well as a lot of others, are not too happy about the situation, but I believe that the school will do what is safest for every one.” Aukes said. Nathaniel and his friends want to participate in their final prom, however they understand that the conditions the world is under has complicated things. They are thankful for the time they have spent their prom night together.