Black & (Red)gister

  • JV baseball win against I-35

  • No school the 27th of May

  • Finals on the 29th, 30th and 31st

  • Girls track finished 15th overall at state

  • Boys track finished 14th overall at state

Dobrzynski: Finding Purpose

Steven Dobrzynski, Reporter

May 16, 2019

Filed under Opinion

Joining the Journalism team was something of an on the spot decision for me. I remember near the end of my sophomore year receiving a letter asking if I was interested in joining and, later that same day, walking into the classroom...

Baier: “There’s A Story There”

Kristen Baier, Editor-In-Chief

May 15, 2019

Filed under Opinion

Everybody, everywhere comes from somewhere and a couple somebodies.  Life is lived every day. Things happen, people change, and life still marches on.  That's only the beginning of it though, and its hardly never the end. There...

Croushore: The Class That Will Surprise You

Abigail Croushore, Reporter

May 15, 2019

Filed under Opinion

Taking News Journalism was a random choice. Now, my sister and cousin were both in this class, but it didn't seem like a class I'd enjoy taking. I was so wrong. News Journalism teaches you things that you'd never think....

Juergens: See ya later alligator

Sadie Juergens, Reporter

May 15, 2019

Filed under Opinion

It's crazy how much you can learn in just one year.  Journalism has opened my eyes so much to the news around us.  I have learned that one photo can tell such a big story to others who see it.  Every small moment deserves to...

OPINION: Make America Great (Britain) Again

Anna Walls, Reporter

February 6, 2019

Filed under Opinion

The longest government shutdown in U.S. history recently ended, clocking in at 35 days. Even though the shutdown will inevitably bring about a myriad of negative ramifications, I'm not writing to regale you with an analysis of ...

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