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  • ACT Testing next Saturday, April 17th at ADM High School
  • After Prom is happening! Make sure to turn in your permission slips to the office!
  • PROM: May 1st from 8-11pm, buy your tickets later this month!
  • Interested in joining the dance team? Parent + Dancer meeting is 4/6 in the HS Commons (7-8PM)
  • Support ADM Sports by Watching the Games on ADM Events' Youtube Channel
  • Wear a mask -- the end is near but it is still very important!
  • Be sure to check us out on Instagram and see what goes into a student news staff (@BlackandRedgister)
  • Learn more about your classmates by following People of ADM on Twitter (@PeopleOfADM)
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About Black & (Red)gister

Goals: The goals of the Black & (Red)gister, the public forum student newspaper of ADM High School, are to inform, educate, and entertain readers; and to provide an educational opportunity for both the students who produce it and those who read it.

Opinions: This section is designed to provide a forum for the opinion of the Black & (Red)gister, its staff members, and the ADM HS community. Such opinion is not necessarily the opinion of the adviser or the administration.

Other Necessaries: Students, faculty, administration, parents, and others are encouraged to react to articles and other materials through signed letters. Editors reserve the right to alter grammatical errors and length without altering the writer’s opinion. Outside contributions, as well as staff reporting, are subject to the usual restrictions of libel, defamation and obscenity and must conform to general newspaper policy.

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