Mask Makers


Life has been tough lately as Covid-19 has struck, leaving the health of many people in jeopardy. What can we do to make a difference during these times? Brynn Busta has found her own way to help out during Covid-19. She has learned and dedicated her time to making masks. With the help of her twin sister Morgan, she has made around 30 masks for friends and family and anyone who needs it. “I just want to help out the community. I want everyone to feel safer,” said Brynn. Brynn has even helped out a local dermatologist and his clinic. They had contacted her after running out of masks. Brynn jumped to the rescue, helping out the community just as she had set out to do. “This is important to the world right now. People need masks to keep themselves safe and healthy. That’s why I help to make them,” said Morgan

The Busta twins work together to make their masks. Brynn, takes on the task of sewing, putting the whole mask look together. Morgan, not knowing how to sew, gets the masks ready to be sewed by cutting fabric and pinning the sides up.

Brynn and Morgan learned to make masks from YouTube videos. If you want to help out by making masks yourself, feel free to check out the YouTube videos below.