COVID-19 How is it Impacting Spring Athletes?


Two soccer studs, Josi Lonneman (left) and Delaney Barton (right) are continuing to practice their game during Covid-19 crisis.

Tragedy has struck as Covid-19 moves and takes over spring athletics. Not only are senior’s chances of finishing the school year at risk, but their spring seasons are also in jeopardy. How does an athlete deal with this uncertainty? What keeps them busy during the time they used to spend at practice? Is there hope to finish out their last season of HS?

Delaney Barton and Josi Lonneman are seniors at ADM. They have been playing soccer ever since they were little girls. Even then, the two loved the game. Their high school careers have been phenomenal thus far with 2 state tournament appearances. Coming back for their senior seasons the seniors felt good about their chances for yet another state tournament run. “We all thought this was going to be the year that we could win it all” said Barton. 

With the Covid-19 breakout, spring seasons have been postponed and possibly canceled. The seniors are devastated. “I’m really scared that I’m not going to have my senior season with my girls.” Lonneman said, ” This was our last chance for a title run together on the same field.” However the two do not let the adversity stop them from staying prepared. They go out to the fields almost every day and continue to practice as if there was a season still to play. “We spend about 3-5 hours at the fields shooting or running through drills and our coach has also been sending out weekly workouts to complete.” said Barton  The two agree that it is important to continue practicing as if they were playing their season now. Even though the IHSAA and IGHSAU have decided to push back the soccer season there is still a chance that corona continues to grow, canceling the season for good.  “You have to work for yourself and your team. Our opponents are still practicing so it is up to us to outwork them. Even now.” said Lonneman.

Delaney Barton and Josi Lonneman’s senior season soccer season might be in jeopardy but their careers are far from over. Both have committed to continue their athletics and academics at Grandview University. The work they have put in during this time will not go to waste as they get ready to start the journey of the rest of their lives.