From Field to Field: Success of the Soccer Team


Girls soccer had a tremendous season last year only loosing two games, and this year they are undefeated so far. The fields they play on are a huge part on how they play, but with the multiple fields they have, they are able to adapt easier this season.

Kylee Luther, Reporter

The ADM soccer team has played and practiced on grassy fields, dirt fields, and turf fields. Could this be the key to their success?

The Island Park, just north of Adel, has been the home field for the Tigers since last year. With the new stadium, came a new field for the team. With this new field, the team has yet another option to practice on.

“I think it is very beneficial to be able to play and practice at multiple locations. It makes us better because we get to practice playing fast on turf and work on our touch at Island Park and the practice field,” said Sydney Bertman, senior soccer player.

Izzy Lafollette, a junior on the team, agreed, saying, “I like having multiple fields to practice on because it is beneficial for the team to experience different fields that we will possibly end up playing on, like turf or grass.”

Overall, even though the practice times may change on the daily, the team enjoys having multiple options of fields. Bertman commented, “This makes us able to better adapt to other opponents fields, so they don’t have an advantage.”

Even though they enjoy practicing on different fields, they mostly all enjoy playing on the turf field, says Lafollette. “We play fast, so we play cleaner and overall connect better.”