October’s Fine Arts Student of the Month: Michael Payne


Photo by Gwyneth Schmidt

October’s Fine Arts Student of the Month: Michael Payne

Michael Payne is one of October’s Fine Arts Students of the Month.  He is the son of Lisa and Jonathan Payne.  He has been nominated for his numerous contributions to the choir program. He stays involved in school by participating in activities like the musical, jazz choir, and is trying out for the Iowa All-State Choir. 

For Payne’s diligent efforts in choir class, he was named section leader of the basses. He believes that others should get involved by “participating in choir and the musical because it’s fun and you get to learn and sing with different people. It’s a good opportunity to create music and make something magical.”

To Payne, being one of the Fine Arts Students of the Month is an honor.  “It makes me feel that I’m doing well.”

He believes that he was recognized for his hard work towards auditioning for All-State. “It’s hard doing the musical this year and All-State because I have 3 different sets of music that I have to learn and memorize.”

In recognition of his achievements, Lincoln Savings Bank has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.