Hatchitt: The One Thing You Would have Done


Photo by Grace Hatchitt

Many ADM students were surveyed to get their opinion on what they would have done differently.

It’s a difficult time for everybody right now. Everything is wishing things could just go back to the way things were. I know I do. But we can’t change that and it sucks. All we can do is think back on what we have done and continue to move forward. During this time, I came across this line from a well-known TV show and I think it really hits home for a lot of students:

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the ‘good old days’ before you actually left them.” – Andy Bernard, “The Office”

Many students never had the chance to say goodbye. Seniors never got the chance to properly thank teachers, coaches, and friends for helping or getting them through four years of high school. So, I conducted a survey giving them the ability to do just that. I asked students:

“What is one thing you would have done if you knew March 13th was your last day of school?”

Callie Hazel: “I would have hugged my friends, and made sure I waved goodbye to everyone I passed in the hallways. And I would have thanked all my teachers this year for helping me and giving me a great learning environment. Also, would have cleaned out my locker.”

Nathan Conrad: “I would have taken in everything. All the last times that I was going to do something at ADM that I didn’t know were going to be the last.”

Gwyneth Schmidt: “I would’ve given all of my teachers end of the year gifts. I usually like to give them something that I will remember them by but I won’t be able to do that this year. I would’ve also said goodbye to the seniors, I am definitely going to miss them next year!”

Hunter Hughes: “Savored it more. Had a little more fun before I left. I still had a great day before break started anyway, but had a little more fun before we left.”

Mikki Ver Woert: “I would’ve said goodbye to all my underclassmen friends and all my teachers that I miss so much.”

Kale Kester: “If I knew March 13th was my last day of school, I don’t think my actions would be any different. My thought process would have changed significantly, though. I would have actually tried to enjoy the day instead of merely getting through it.”

Sophia Chesney: “I would have made sure to hug all my friends tightly, gathered an after school celebration after track, and made sure there was a little more closure to the year.”

Luke Ransom: “Nothing, I treat every day as my last, bro. When the writing’s on the wall don’t hate me when I read the words, fam.”

Courtney Baldwin: “I would of asked if I could do a slide show for the seniors so they could end on a good day and not think that this year was a bummer since they don’t have a graduation. And I would have brought them pizza and treats.”

Taylor Hughes: “Worn something that completely stood out”

Mara Pospisal: “I would’ve thanked my teachers. The day before getting out for spring break, you’re just waiting for that bell to ring so you can get out of class on go on break. I don’t think I even said good-bye to half of them. So, if I could go back, I would’ve thanked my teachers for all that they’ve done for me over the years and let them know how much I appreciate them.”

Mindy Deitrick: “I would have stayed after school to do extra practice/work in the art and band room. I also would have cleaned out my whole locker, and gave every single one of my senior friends a hug.”

Shelby Adkins: “I would have said bye to all my school friends and let them know how much they made my day better before we all part ways for college & our future. If I knew I wasn’t going to have my last semester of high school I think I would have been a lot more involved in school activities the first semester and been more outgoing in my classes”

Much like everyone else, there is plenty I would have done differently. I would’ve said goodbye to my teachers, coaches, and directors, thanking them for helping me get to where am I today. Their guidance helped me so much and encouraged me to do my absolute best in anything I do. I would also say goodbye to all my cast mates who I never got the chance to perform my last play with. They’ll do great next year and I can’t wait to come back and watch them perform. Lastly, I would say goodbye to the people I’m not going to see again. The people I grew up around and wish them the best of luck to wherever they might go. I’m heartbroken that everything was taken away from us, but all we can do is move forward.