Best Tips For Prom From Ms. Boesen


Photo by Grace Hatchitt

You can get tips from you sister or your friend, but Ms. Boeson can give you the best tips. She is the one who has been behind prom for many years.

Prom is going to be here soon and if this is your first time going to prom, you might need some help. Well never fear! The following contains the best prom tips from the person who is in charge of it all: Ms. Boeson.

Hatchitt: For anyone’s first time at prom, what are some tips about dress shopping and finding cheaper dresses?

Boeson: “I would say dress wise, you are going to spend a lot of money if go to any special store because they are going to run out of certain sizes and then you are going to have to get it altered and that costs money. So if you are going to get something that you need altered try not to do it at the store. There are so many other seamstress and tailors out there that will charge you for way less.”

“If you’re not wanting to spend a whole lot of money, some of your department stores, like Dillard’s has a really nice dress section. Just try some of your department stores and there are some people who are selling theirs online that they only wore it to one prom and will never wear it again. So those are some ways that you can save money there.”

Hatchitt: Do you have any tips for guys with their tux?

Boeson: “Guys, I think for them its an investment to just buy a suit instead of renting a tux, like you are going to spend a lot of money renting a tux. But there are going to be times in your life that you’re going to need a suit for something. Go out, find a basic black suit and then get a tie and a nice shirt and then you’ll change up your tie next year and wear it again.”

Hatchitt: Is there any other tips that you might have wished you knew or anyone else knew?

Boeson: “Mostly the girls, practice walking in your shoes because if you are going to walk in grand march, you are going to walk across in front of the community and you want to be able to know how to walk in your shoes. Also if you are going to wear uncomfortable shoes, you might want to bring yourself a pair of cheap flip flops to throw on at the dance because you don’t want to be dancing in six-inch heels all night. Unless they’re comfortable then more power to you,”

“If you are going to get a spray tan, get your nails done before you get your spray tan done. If you get your nails done after your spray tan done then it’s going to come off your hands. Also, I think a good rule of thumb, if you are going to get a spray tan do it on Thursday because you’ll have two showers in between to have it ware off and have it look natural.”

“If you are going to get your nails done and you’ve never had your nails done before you might want to do it a week ahead of time so that you get used to them and you don’t know what to do when you’re eating dinner that night with your nails.”

“Guy tips, bring comfortable shoes because sometimes dress shoes can be uncomfortable. Also, don’t wear something that you’re going too many pieces that you’re going to get hot while your dancing,”.