Hatchitt Game Review: Animal Crossing


Photo by Grace Hatchitt

If you are looking for a game to play while you are stuck in quarantine, then you should try this game out.

Just before this whole global pandemic, I bought a nice relaxing game that a lot of Nintendo lovers have been looking forward to. The last animal crossing game (Animal Crossing: Amibo Festival) was released in November of 2015. So, it has been a few years since they updated the franchise and this means a lot of gamers have been waiting for this arrival.

This coronacation has given me a lot of free time (and I mean A LOT). So, I decided it would be a great time to enjoy a game that I have been looking forward to playing.

What Is Animal Crossing?

To anyone who doesn’t play this game or just doesn’t play video games in general, Animal Crossing is a life simulation game. The player creates their character and builds a town, city, or island of their own. The game follows real-life time, so a minute in the game is a minute in real life.

As the player logs in every day, they see that the other villagers in their town or island are animals. The player’s character is the only human in the game (besides other players on different consoles/accounts). The more they talk to their villagers, the more likely they will stay in your town or island.

This game has a lot more to it and if you are really interested in the game then I recommend you check it out. This franchise has been around 2001 and it isn’t just about the different play styles. There is a story behind each character and they continue to expand that story throughout each game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Now time for the review. In New Horizons, you are welcomed to a deserted island that over time you have to build up. This means you get to design the whole island any way you want. I personally love this because you get to make your island different from anyone else’s. A way you can really make your island different is the new option to terraform your island. With terraforming, the player gets to build/destroy different levels of land, create pathways, or create or fill rivers and ponds. New Horizons was the first game to introduce this and it is a really creative way to make the island the way you want it.

As I mentioned before, the game introduces new gameplay and different ways to get creative. Another new option that the player can do is DIY. This feature lets the players build items, furniture, walls, and flooring and not having to resort to just buying items. It opens a lot to the game and allows players to collect more and make their island more personal. This also means players don’t have to buy their tools but they can craft them. The players use tools to cut down trees, break open rocks, fish, catch bugs, and more. In the end, the feature lets the player save bells (in-game currency) and use them on other items that you can’t get by crafting.

Moving on to the art style of the game. I love when a game has amazing art and graphics, and New Horizons does just that. It is a big improvement for the last Animal Crossing game and the little details bring it all together. From the details to the clouds to the details with shadows of different objects, the game really does it all.

Even though the game has a cartoon-ish style and “child-like” characters, it’s a game for everyone to enjoy.

Now there are some problems with the game due to it being new. There have been bugs and glitches that the developers have been working to fix but if you push past that and wait for more updates the game will be at its best performing level.

Overall Review

I would give this game a 5-star rating because I really enjoy the gameplay and monthly events that the game has to offer. The graphics are great and I love how much they have improved over the years. The style of the game is amazing and there is a lot you could do with it.

I really recommend this game to anyone who has (or wants to own) a Nintendo Switch. It’s a game you can easily pick up and play when you are bored or just looking for something else to do.