Hatchitt: The “Art” of Moving Houses


Photo by Grace Hatchitt

If your family is in the process of moving, these ticks will be helpful to you.

Everyone (or almost everyone) has moved out of their house and into a new home at some point in their life. Well, my families are going through this process and I have been overwhelmed with cleaning and packing. It’s especially difficult when you can’t go anywhere during a pandemic. So, I have compiled a list of tips and ways to stay organized while in the process of moving.

  • When packing items in boxes, create a spreadsheet with all the items in the box. Then create a QR code for that spreadsheet and tape it out the outside of the box. That way you know what is exactly in there before you open it!
  • If the tip above it too complicated, color code your boxes. Designate one room to a certain color and put all the items in that room in that color-coded box.
  • Get rid of unwanted items. If you haven’t had the need to use the item or don’t think you’ll use it anytime soon get rid of it. It’s also a great way to get money if you sell the things you don’t want anymore.
  • The best tool to use is your phone! Download some helpful moving apps that would help you sell your unwanted items or help with keeping track of your inventory.
  • Stay focused! It’s easy to get off track and push back things you need to get done. Create a timeline or to-do list of things you need to get done so you stay on task.
  • Plan a packing strategy. It’s more efficient if you go room by room instead of packing every room all at once.

This doesn’t have to pertain to moving from one house to another. High school seniors also may go through this when getting ready for college. Some of these tips will be useful to them or even to other high schoolers who are in the process of moving.

Lastly, it is okay to miss your old house. It may have been your childhood house where all your memories lie. Life is about moving forward and you will always have the memories of time spent in that lovely home.