Hatchitt: What You Need To Know About Online AP Tests


Photo by Grace Hatchitt

This is something new for all of us, so here is how to get through it.

Some of you may have already taken some online AP tests, but some of you haven’t. This is going to be way different from any other AP test you may have taken. So buckle up and read the following to find out what you need to know for your upcoming test.

Before the exam date, take a demo exam to see if there are any problems. You don’t want to have slow connection or run into a problem right when the exam is about to start.

Another thing you could do before the exam date is to have an online live review with your teacher and classmates. This really helped me focus on what I should work on during my exam and gave me some practice. Talk to your teacher to see if you could plan a date to do this. If not, try reviewing on your own.

Now on the exam day, you need to check into your exam 30 minutes before your actual exam time. College Board needs you to sign in so you can secure your spot in the exam. This will also make you focused and ready for the test that is about to come.

Collect all your notes, this is an open-note and open-book test. This doesn’t mean you should cheat on the test, it just gives you extra help since the tests are shorter this year.

Before your test starts, make sure to take some deep breaths and collect all your thoughts. It will be stressful but you can get through it.

This is the first time anyone has ever done online testing for AP classes. So, try your best with the materials you have and you will do great. I wish you the best of luck!