Disney+, Is It Worth Subscribing?

Review from the students


Photo by Grace Hatchitt

Sebastion Steelman is one of the many ADM students who have Disney+.

As everyone knows the biggest thing has hit the streaming world, Disney+. The streaming service has a wide variety of anything Disney, from old Disney Channel throwbacks to the new Star Wars tv show. A survey with 95 students was conducted and after getting their response, 69.5% of those students have Disney+.

One of those students is Landon James.

“You can watch literally any Disney movie and a lot of other things,” said James.

Heidi Olson also enjoys Disney+ and loves it for the nostalgic feel.

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“I love that it has all kinds of things from the short films they used to play and all the generations of Mickey Mouse! Steamboat Mickey was the bomb and watching it is a blast from the past!” said Heidi Olson.

Other students agreed with Olson and loved how their favorite old Disney Channel shows like “Hannah Montana”, “Good Luck Charlie”, and “Wizards of Waverly Place” are on the streaming site. Another thing students loved about Disney+ is the price and how cheaper it is to use instead of Netflix.

“It’d be better if it had all the Disney movies ever because then I would watch it a lot more than I do probably. I do like it because it’s a lot of my favorite Disney movies all in the same place for a relatively cheap price,” said Kadyn Dimler.

With all the old Disney Channel shows comes the new Disney+ exclusive shows like “The Mandalorian”; “High School Musical, The Musical, The Series”; and “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”. Out of those tv shows, “The Mandalorian” was really popular among the students that have Disney+.

One of those students is Nick Blum.

“I really like how it’s really faithful to A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. They don’t use a lot of CGI and it just feels a lot like the original movies,” said Blum.

Another student watched The World According to Jeff Goldblum with a group of friends. This student was Holland Zwank, “It’s funny and he is an interesting guy. It also goes into topics that he is interested in, explains how it’s popular, and how they are made,” said Zwank.

With all the good reviews come the not so great reviews. Some of the students wished that there were more throwback tv shows that they have missed. Others wish that all of the Marvel movies were on the streaming site. Then there were a few responses about the design and set up of Disney+.

One of those students was Faith Moyer.

“I am used to Netflix so the set up of Disney+ is a little weird,” said Moyer.

If you are a Verison user, you get Disney+ for free for a year. If you’re a Hulu subscriber, there is a Disney+ discount. Then for anyone else, it’s $6.77 per month. You can become a Disney+ subscriber by going to https://www.disneyplus.com/.