April Athlete of the Month: Geneva Timmerman


Geneva Timmerman competing at the Drake Relays, 2022 season.

Geneva Timmerman is an ADM junior, and the daughter of David and Kim Timmerman.

“I’ve been doing track since 7th grade, but I started my love of distance running in 6th grade,” said Timmerman.

After Timmerman was asked what she loved most about ADM Track and Field, she said, “I absolutely love the friendships I make through track and my coaches. My coaches are my biggest support and push me to be the best athlete and person I can be. I love all of my teammates and how hard they work. They always show each other love and support and we truly feel like a family. The cool thing about track is that you can also make friendships with your competitors, which sounds weird, but it helps to have support from many people in races. We all understand that track is hard and everyone has to compete, so it’s better to support everyone and be encouraging no matter what team you are on.”

Being Athlete of the Month is such and honor for Timmerman, as she may never be able to express her gratitude for her ability and the supporters in her life.

Timmerman concludes, “I hope I have received this honor for my leadership. I have had so many influential upperclassmen in the past show me how important good leadership is, so when I became an upperclassman, I made a goal for myself to lead in the same way. I want my leadership to support my teammates and I want myself to be a person that is there for them no matter what.”

Congratulations to Geneva Timmerman, and due to her accomplishments the Core Physical Therapy will be donating $100 to the ADM Scholarship Fund.