Basketball Player of the Month: Olivia Tollari


Photo by Prep Girls Hoops Iowa

Olivia Tollari, #12, playing at Norwalk on November 22nd.

Olivia Tollari is being recognized as Player of the Month for Girls Basketball. Senior, Olivia is the daughter of Sarah and Chris Tollari. In her 11th year of playing basketball, Tollari has decided what she loves most about the sport.

“I love the team aspect and the delicious team dinners, I am very glad those are back after a sad Covid infested junior season.”

Tollari is grateful for this honor because she believes that it shows that her hard work and ability to take leadership is being appreciated. This year she has been playing even better and is a good captain to the younger girls, which is why she thinks she is being recognized.

Big Al’s is donating $100 to the ADM Scholarship Fund in recognition of Olivia Tollari’s accomplishments.