September’s Athlete of the Month: Ella Goodrich


Photo by Jennifer Goodrich

September’s Athlete of the Month

Ella Goodrich is one of September’s Athlete of the Month.  She is the daughter of Jennifer and Dan Goodrich.  She’s a freshman cheerleader on the ADM cheer squad. 

“I really love to have fun in front of the crowd and to hype them up,” she said.

Goodrich is a new student this year. She was also a cheerleader at her old school. To her, being Athlete of the Month is an honor, “Being new, this recognition is special, it makes me feel like I’m a part of this school and am doing a great job.”

“I try my best to be nice by smiling and waving to people in the hallway, and sometimes it can even make their day,” she said.

In recognition of her achievements, Azalea Lane Boutique and Adel Family Dentistry have donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Fund.