March Teacher of the Month: Ms. Boesen


Photo by Kashish Patel

Ms. Boesen, ADM High School Science Teacher. Recognized as the March Teacher of the Month.

Ms. Sarah Boesen was recognized as one of the March Teachers of the Month. Ms. Boesen has been a teacher for 14 years and has spent all of those years teaching at ADM Schools.  Ms. Boesen teaches Earth Science and PLTW Human Body Systems at ADM High School. Along with teaching, she is also the High School Volleyball Coach, an instructional coach, and sponsors ADM Prom.

When asked about how she felt about being the Teacher of the Month she stated, “it’s funny that I got this honor because I told my students to vote for me.” But apart from jokes, being Teacher of the Month is a great honor for her as she believes that “it is really nice to hear that the students appreciate what I am doing and they are enjoying my class.”

She was inspired to become a teacher by one of her high school teachers. “I had a teacher in high school for whom I got to be a teacher assistant and while I was doing that she let me help groups of students and that just really made me see that this is what I want to do,” quoted Boesen.