How to Survive Valentine’s Day: Single

Enjoy a chocolate covered strawberry! Find the video recipe under the food features!

Photo by Haley Gonzalez

Enjoy a chocolate covered strawberry! Find the video recipe under the food features!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, couples are getting excited for a romantic evening. But what about the singles? Lonely and forgotten on this February holiday, singles must come in preparation. I must preface quickly that there is nothing wrong with being single, but around this time of year, you start to notice people in relationships, more than you did before.  You wonder, would having a significant other make this day a little better?

So in anticipation to prove that singles can have just as much fun on Valentine’s day, a list of tips and tricks have been collected from multiple different sources on how to enjoy the day.

The first helpful tip, and probably the most common, is don’t spend V-day alone! Get together with a group of friends, remember to keep it small because of Covid, and have fun. The best way to keep your mind off of being single is to remember that you are not actually alone. There is so many things you can do with your friends to celebrate the holiday, like ordering in some food and watching movies. Here is a great list of Valentine’s movies for options to watch!

If your friends are busy and it’s just you today, bake! Making yourself some desserts will definitely switch your attitude around. You don’t even have to be good at making things, some recipes are just that easy. A good oven-free treat you can make, that fits the day perfectly, are chocolate covered strawberries. You can do all sorts of things with these sweets to customize and make them your own. Adding a little bit of white chocolate drizzle to the dark chocolate covered fruit makes them feel so much fancier. Use this recipe from Food Network or order and Edible Arrangement to save yourself some work!

A perfect distraction for the loneliness is writing Valentine’s cards. “What a contradiction!” you must be thinking.  No, quite the opposite. It’s the perfect solution. Make adorable and crafty cards on your own, for your other loved ones. They might need some love too! It is the best way to reminder yourself that there are always people who you love, and love you too. An easy way to make them is some construction paper and some markers, but if you want to be fancy, here are some Hallmark cards you can mail out.

After asking a few fellow singles around the school, a couple interviews stood out and provided great ideas by explaining their plan for Valentine’s Day. Monica Thomas said, “I am actually excited for Valentine’s Day because I have a few romance novels I want read, and I think this would be the perfect time to start!” Cozying up with a good book and living vicariously through the characters is a perfect way to celebrate. A 10/10 romance novel to read would be To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which happens to be a trilogy available on Amazon!

Remember, you can have just as much fun by yourself!