Athlete of the Month: Alexa Teckenburg


Photo by Trina Jorgensen

Alexa Teckenburg, cheering on the ADM football team at a home game.

Freshman, Alexa Teckenburg is the daughter of Trina Jorgensen and Garrick Teckenburg. She was chosen as one of the Athletes of the Month of December for her sport, cheerleading.

Continuing her sport since 7th grade, Teckenburg has bonded with everyone on her team, as well as her coach, her favorite part being stunting. This honor is a relief for Teckenburg, as she said that is a satisfaction and she knows she is doing something right.

“You actually have to put in work, and you can’t sit around and do nothing,” said Alexa.

Teckenburg has felt that cheerleading as been overlooked within the school and the world, so being recognized for something she is passionate about is important to her. Not only her passion, but her extreme dedication and hardwork has earned her this accomplishment.