November Volleyball Athlete of The Month: Neveah Wood


Photo by Paige Jansen

Neveah Wood has been playing Volleyball for 8 years and is Novembers Volleyball player of the month.

Senior Neveah Wood, Daughter of Tressa and Sean Wood, is Novembers Volleyball athlete of the month. Wood, one of the three seniors on Varsity this year, has been hitting and spiking the ball for 8 years. Wood is honored to be nominated as an athlete of the month, as it means she is being appreciated for the time she has put into Volleyball.

Some of the things she loves about volleyball include her teammate and coaches, who have taught her so much about the game itself and life. She believes she has been honored because of her dedication to the sport.

In honor of her achievements, Patricks Restaurant has donated $100 dollars to the ADM scholarship foundation.