Teacher of the Month: Ms. Lifka-Reselman

Ms. Lifka-Reselman, ADM Math teacher. Pictured by Callie Hazel.

Ms. Lifka-Reselman is a brand new teacher at ADM, which is why it is such an honor for her to be selected as Teacher of the Month. Before being a math teacher here, L-R also taught at two different schools, Des Moines North High School and Des Moines Scavo Alternative High School, as well as substituting at Valley High School.

Her talents do not only extend to mathematics, though. L-R also has taught U.S. History, Government, Economics, 20th Century World History, not to mention being a coach for Swim and the Diving team. Now she teaches Algebra I and Geometry.

She said, “[I] Like that math has clear answers. It’s just one long complicated puzzle and it lets us have the technology that makes life so fun.”

You can tell how passionate she is about her students with just four months of getting to know them. Ms. Lifka-Reselman loves coming up with new ideas and activities for her students to enjoy because she wants it to be fun for them, and understand how their education can relate to the real world.

L-R has no trouble laughing at herself and with her students, as well as trying her best to help with any problem that arises. After teaching for 5 1/2 years, Lifka-Reselman has made quite the impact.