Gabe Heitz: Player of the Game


Photographed by Callie Hazel.

Gabe Heitz, the son of Ann and Eric Heitz was chosen by Coach Carter as one of two Players of the Game, along with Matthew Dufoe. The football game was @DCG on October 2nd, where the ADM Tigers brought home a devastating loss by two.  Gabe is a junior who has been playing football since he was in fourth grade.

“I love everything about the sport. Specifically though, the feeling of brotherhood and going out and competing.” says Heitz.

Gabe is honored and appreciative to be called out for Player of the Game. He says he believes hes was picked because of his leadership regarding defense and getting tackles. Gabe Heitz is #3 and a tight end on offense. Fuller Standard Service donated $50 to commemorate Heitz.