While: Teaching My Passion

I’ve never been more passionate about something, as I’ve been with teaching.


Photo by Cameron While

Posing with my custom name tag Mrs.Knipper made for me last year.

I knew I always wanted to make a difference in the world, but I never knew how. This was until I realized my passion for kids and teaching and then I figured out how I would make a difference in the world.

Growing up I had a lot of obstacles and hardships being throw at me left and right. I will never wish what I had to endure growing up onto my worst enemy. I struggled and battled but I overcame a lot and was able to always find safety in school and my teachers. This is why I felt a strong urge to teaching and not only for the opportunity to teach and help children grow but to make them feel loved, appreciated, and safe. The big turning point in life for going into teaching was the death of my mother. She passed away on July 7, 2012, just as I was going into 5th grade. Her death shattered me to the core. I lost the one person that gave me life, but I knew that I needed to make her proud and I knew teaching was my calling to make her proud. I was extremely blessed with amazing teachers growing up who cared for me and loved me and supported me in everything.

I want to teach to give kids a chance to be successful and grow up to achieve their dreams. I was given this opportunity thanks to all of my amazing teachers growing up and I think it’s only fair to share that with other kids. I want to be the fun teacher and I want to be the teacher that students are like “I wish I had Mr.While.” I want them to know that I’m going to be their biggest support and their biggest cheerleader. It is scary to think about some of the home lives some of these kids are living in at home, you never know the burdens and the struggles they carry with them into school. I want them to know they’re safe here and that I will protect them, and I mainly want them to feel love.

I am so excited to start my future as an elementary teacher. I can’t wait to help kids develop and grow into bigger and better people, I can’t wait to finally have the name, Mr. While, I can’t wait to have my own classroom to be a sanctuary and safe place for 25-30 kids a year, and finally, I can’t wait to be a guide to young minds and lead them down a good path to be successful in whatever they’ll achieve in life.

To all of my future students just know you are so loved already and I can’t wait to help you learn and grow in While’s crazies.