Spring athletes are distraught after learning their season was cut short. ADM spring athletes share their thoughts and feelings. (Photo by Cameron While)
Spring athletes are distraught after learning their season was cut short. ADM spring athletes share their thoughts and feelings.

Photo by Cameron While

The Loss of Spring Sports

Take a look into the thought and feelings of spring athletes who lost their spring season.

May 6, 2020

 Many spring athletes were prepared to get their seasons rolling until the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the country and postponed their seasons and ultimately canceled them. Now freshmen through seniors are done with spring sports and their school year. Worst of all, summer athletes are waiting on whether they’re going to have their season, too, and many of these summer athletes are also multisport athletes that would have performed during the spring.

The pain these athletes are facing right now is indescribable–seniors are in such a worse situation as they don’t get to play their final seasons as high schoolers. Luckily for freshmen, sophomores and juniors they still have chances to play the sport they love for their high school and will be able to finish their high school career out.

Some of ADM’s spring athletes share their thought and feelings about losing their spring sport(s)

Golf Senior Jaxson Millsap said, “It just really sucks that I don’t get to go out there one last time with all of my friends and teammates and get the season we were expecting and never get anything like that back.”

Track Junior Carley Osgood said, “It’s really sad that track got cut so short and I’m super sad for all of the seniors and it’s sad that I will never get to experience running with those girls again. But I’m staying hopeful and positive that next season will just make the track team stronger and push us harder to achieve our goals.”

Soccer Senior Brad Freiermuth said, ” The worst part about all of it is it being the last year. With it being my senior year for soccer it hurts a little more with it being cut short. I was really hoping to make it to state and thought our team had the potential to do that this year. I mostly just miss playing the game with my friends, they’re super good guys and I miss messing around with them before and after games and stuff like that. All and all I miss playing the sport I love.”

I know you are feeling a variety of things – sadness, anger, loss – and all those feelings are valid.  I feel them, too.  But all we can do is stay positive and move forward from here. Seniors, there is nothing I can say to ease the pain of losing your final season.  Just remember all the good times – the things you’ve achieved, the friendships you’ve built, and the memories you’ve made.  I am so proud of all of you and you will always have a special place in our hearts! Underclassmen, it’s unfair that you lost a season of track, but use this as motivation for next year.  Keep working hard and perfecting your skills.  Set goals for yourself and work to achieve them.  Come back ready to get after it next year!  I’m so proud of all of the hard work you have been doing and I know we are going to crush it next season!!”

— Angie Gilliland

Track Senior Caden Mager said, “I was actually pretty upset about it. It was my first year out for track in HS and the main reason I did it was to wear ADM across my chest and compete in front of the community one last time, but it was all taken away.”

Soccer Junior Wade Forret said, “I was kind of expecting it to not happen with everything in the news but I was still kind of sad that the season never got started.”

Track Senior Christina Chapman said, “Well my overall feelings are that I’m actually really sad that I don’t get my usual track season this year because I was out with a concussion most of the season last year and only ran in two meets. I was excited to get the chance to run the track one last time and to get to run on senior night to just get to have the experience that was taken away from me last year. Now this year it’s really heart-breaking because a lot of hard work and dedication goes into a sport like track and I really believed this year was my year to have that breakthrough and I didn’t even get the chance.”

Track Sophomore Gabe Heitz said, “Having the track season canceled was tough to deal with. We had been practicing and training for a couple of months and had high hopes for the season. I feel really bad for the seniors though because for many of them it was their last sports season in high school. We will miss them next year. I was able to handle the pain of missing track season by looking forward to the football season. Hopefully, this extra time we are getting to prepare for football will pay off in the fall.”

Golf Sophomore Monica Thomas said, “I’m pretty sad because I was looking forward to golf season the whole year, but I’m keeping faith that it’s all an experience to learn from and we’ll come back bigger and better than ever in 2021.”

Soccer Senior Lizzy Lohmann said, “I’m sad I won’t get to see what we could have done this year. I also find that I miss practices just as much as the games because I loved our team.”

Soccer Senior Josi Lonneman said, “It’s been rough especially with the whole team coming back. I wish we could’ve had our season and I’m sad about it. I’m going to miss the girls the most and the hardest part about it is knowing that we had a shot at being state champs.”

Soccer Junior Ashlyn Watt said, “I’m very sad, this was our year that we were supposed to win state. I’m a little extra sad because last year I was injured when we went to state, so I was really looking forward to this year and being able to play at state with my best friends. I’ve played with these seniors since way back and it’s so sad to not get just one more season to play with them.”

Track Senior Tom Boorn said, “I’m definitely going to miss track not just for the competing aspect but also the team bonding before and during the meets.”

The pain these athletes are feeling is unimaginable knowing they couldn’t achieve what they wanted and make memories that would’ve lasted a lifetime. Now the best thing you can do is support these athletes and let them know you’re there. They need the support and encouragement now more than ever, continue spreading kindness contagiously during these hard times.

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