Quarantine Activities Galore

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be boring.


Photo by Cameron While

Don’t make quarantine boring try some of these activities to make your days a little less boring.

With the cases of COVID-19 rising as we speak, we’re all trying to do our best to stay safe and healthy. Being stuck at home is our only option with the majority of businesses being shut down to help stop the spread of COVID-19 except for those that are considered essential. Whether you know it or not there’s a ton of stuff to do while stuck at home during the time and they’re very simple and easy.

With all this free time on our hands, it’s a great time to get a lot of cleaning done.

  • Clean and reorganize your room to accommodate working from home or online learning
  • Clean the house, just because we’re stuck inside doesn’t mean it needs to look like we live in our homes
  • With life slowed down Clean your car, it perfect to deep clean the inside and make it look brand new
  • Yard work will get you some fresh air and allow you to spruce up the space around your house

There’s so much more cleaning that could be done during this time but that’s some quick and easy things to do.

Next lazy days

  • Binge-watch your favorite Netflix or Hulu series over and over and over and over again
  • Watch new stuff on Netflix or Hulu to broaden your expertise, instead of just being good at naming a houses value you could become the next criminal mind star
  • It’s hard to keep our mental health and wellness up during this time of uncertainty you could always do some meditating or yoga to relax and unwind
  • If located in a city with UberEats (they have free delivery) or DoorDash order some takeout or food instead of cooking, the bank account might not enjoy that but you definitely will
  • Do a puzzle and build those finger and eye muscles

Full of energy? it’s okay.

  • at-home workouts are great, the YMCA of Greater Des Moines has put out daily workouts for people to do during this time
  • Go for a walk outside but remember to practice social distancing
  • Unleash your inner kids and make some slime, I mean what’s the worst that could happen carpet can be replaced. If you don’t want to bother with the mess get some Play-Doh and play with that
  • Again unleash that inner kid and learn some of those new Tik Tok dances and become Tik Tok Famous (Parent you could do this with your kids as well)

If school has transitioned to online learning or are working from home just know you have that to fall on if you get bored with the suggested activities above. I know focusing on doing your schoolwork while at home is a struggle and it’s totally okay to take breaks but make sure you don’t forget about your schoolwork.

If you have lost your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic and live in Iowa you can apply for unemployment by going to the website hereĀ https://www.iowaworkforcedevelopment.gov. Once there you can file for unemployment and start filing claims every week you’re out of work to have money coming in during the time of trouble.

If you’re needing food within the ADM district the school district is giving out free breakfast and lunch packs to any and all ADM residents 18 years or younger. This happens every Monday and Thursday. You may walk or drive all you need to do is say the number of children that is in your family and they’ll provide you with the number of packs you’ll need.







This will pass by eventually but just remember to stay positive and spread kindness contagiously.