November Girls Cross Country Athlete of the Month: Geneva Timmerman


Photo by Sabrina McDonald

Geneva Timmerman

Geneva Timmerman is the November Athlete of the Month for Girls Cross Country. Geneva is a freshman at ADM and the daughter of David and Kim Timmerman.

Geneva has been running since 7th grade. Her favorite thing about running is the challenge she gets to face mentally and physically, and getting to work through them. She also loves how close it brings people together.

When asked what being Athlete of the Month means to Geneva, she responded, “It is awesome being a freshman and getting to experience it. I love everything about it and getting closer with teammates.”

Geneva believes she has been honored as Athlete of the Month for cross country because she is getting her name out there and getting the experience, as well as being able to run because of her supports which include her family, her coaches, her teammates, and other supporters.

In honor of her achievements, the Rotary Club has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.