Football Player of the Game, Week 3: Tate Stine Smith

Tate is the Football Player of the Game for Week 3. Tate is a junior at ADM High school, he is the son of Sean and Leanna Stine Smith.

Tate has been playing football since the 3rd grade and what he loves the most about football is the competition.

I also had the chance to talk with the head coach of the ADM Tigers Garrison Carter about Tate. I asked him, out of all the Quarterbacks that he’s coached in the past where does Tate stand with the rest of them? He responded “I have been fortunate enough to coach some extremely talented kids at the quarterback position. Tate has all the physical tools to be productive as any of them.” I also was able to ask him how much of a leadership role has Tate taken on as this is his second year starting him, since his sophomore year. He said ” Tate has done a great job trying to take on more of a vocal leadership role in year two of starting for us.”

I asked Tate what Player of the Game meant to him and he said “The linemen really came through so it made me look good so the credit should really go to them.”

And he thought that he was honored as player of the game because the Grinnell defense wasn’t on they’re game that day. Tate Finished the day with over 300 yards passing witch at the time was one of the best performances passing, he also had over 100 yards rushing and 5 total touchdowns.

In recognition of his efforts Fuller Standard Service has donated $50 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.