October Teacher of the Month: Emma Bedard


Photo by Cameron While

Emma Bedard

One of Octobers Teachers of the Month is Emma Bedard, She’s been teaching for 2 years and both of those 2 years have been here at ADM.

Bedard was nominated by a variety of students, which vary from; Seniors, Juniors, and Intro to theater kids all saying she was “helpful and caring when needed.” One students even left her this comment “She is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!:)” She wanted to become a teacher because she was blessed to have amazing teachers growing up who cared about her and her education. This inspired her to help others to be the very best they can be. Specifically she wanted to become an English teacher because she “Always valued the power of words reading & writing, and its a passion of mine and something I really enjoy.”

Being Teacher of the Month, Bedard Says “It shows the relationships I’m having with my students but also impacting them.”  She also said “It shows I’m making a difference on their education.” It also gives her motivation to be better for her students.