May Teacher of the Month: Alex Reams


Photo by Faith Moyer

Alex Reams, Teacher of the Month

Alex Reams has been nominated for May Teacher of the Month. He was nominated by multiple students because he challenges them in class, helps them work through their issues, and he supports them with their extra projects.

Reams has been a teacher for four full years and he has been teaching at ADM for those four years. Reams wanted to be a teacher because he wanted to be a coach and those two fit together well. He switched from elementary education to industrial tech because it matched up well with the things he likes to do outside of his job. He enjoys bringing that into kids lives.

“Being Teacher of the Month is something you don’t really think about until it happens and then you look back on it and think that you are justifying your job because you are making a difference in kids lives and you are benefiting them,” Reams says.