April Teacher of the Month: Lori Rezek


Photo by Sadie Juergens

April Teacher of the Month: Lori Rezek.

Lori Rezek has been nominated for the April Teacher of the Month.  She was nominated by many students because of how much fun she makes class, and students love the way she motivates them to work really hard and get their work done.

Rezek has been teaching the French foreign language for 26 years, 12 of them being at ADM.  She grew up in Iowa but found herself teaching in many different places in the United States; Branson, Missouri, New York City, Boston, Massachusetts, and now back in Iowa.  She decided to begin the journey of being a French teacher after taking a music trip to Europe while in college.  There’s something about the culture in that part of the world that she fell in love with.  She spoke, “I like sharing about how different their culture is from ours and hope to get students passionate to travel and experience the same feeling I did while in Europe.”

To her, it’s very rewarding to be nominated as Teacher of the Month.  She appreciates it a lot that her students are recognizing everything she’s been doing.