They See Me Rollin’: ADM Bowlers


Justin and Walter

Many of the athletic offerings at ADM are combined with local schools – for example, our soccer and dance team share their field and stage with Van Meter. One of these shared activities is the ADM-Waukee bowling team. Seth Walter and Justin Neumann are the only two ADM students that participate, and two of the Black & Redgister’s finest reporters stepped up to the plate to investigate all things bowling. Following is a transcription of two exclusive interviews with Walter and Neumann. Want to see them in action? Click the links on their names above!

How long have you bowled?

S: Two years.

J: Probably around two years.

How does team bowling compare to bowling recreationally (for fun)?

S: Team bowling has a lot more competition and teamwork involved.

J: It’s more competitive, and during competitions and meets you try to beat other people and you feel better when you do

What do bowling practices look like?

S & J: First there’s 10 minutes of practice and then we usually bowl two-three games a day.

How many people are on a bowling team? Why?

S & J: The Waukee bowling team takes the top 16 bowlers in tryouts. Varsity has six bowlers and JV has 10, so Varsity bowls at every tournament while some JV bowlers may not bowl at that meet.

Where is your favorite place to bowl and why?

S: Adel, because I’m used to the wooden lanes.

J: Waukee? I don’t know. I don’t bowl much outside of practice. We have a meet at Great Escape, which according to the guys at Waukee is a nice place.

Do you have any superstitions? (Favorite ball, lane, socks, shoes?)

S: I use the same ball every time, and I feel like if I don’t dry the oil off ball I won’t do as well.  

J: No, I dry the ball but not obsessively. I have one pair of shoes, because most people only have one pair.

If you curve your throw, why do you think it is better to curve your throw?

S & J: When you curve your throw you get more pin action. Pin action is when you hit the pins and they knock over and get more pins down. It usually takes a few games to get the hang of it.

Why are there different weights for bowling balls? What weight do you use and why?

S: I use a 15 pound bowling ball because I can throw it the sharpest. You want the right speed to hit the right spot on the pins.

J: I think I have a 14 pound. There’s a 16 pound max but lighter balls don’t hit the pins as much

Is there a certain bowling brand you prefer?

S: I prefer Storm bowling because they’re the most popular and it was my first bowling ball. I’ve used all three brands and I feel like Storm is the best.

J: No. My first one was a Motive ball.

What kind of gear is required for bowling? What gear is optional? 

S: What helps you most is having your own bowling ball drilled for your fingers and the right shoes that you like to slide with. You can also have a towel.

J: To start you can rent equipment, but to get serious you buy your own, like oil and a towel to dry the ball.

What advice would you give to a new bowler?

S: I would say, don’t get frustrated because most people don’t throw a strike and give up.

J: Keep practicing hard, the more you practice the better it is.

What’s the team dynamic like, considering bowling is more individual?

S: At meets, everyone bowls two games and they take the total pin fall and add them. Then five of each Varsity and JV bowl a game all together and add that pin fall to find out whoever wins.  

J: We all support each other. We’re proud of what each other can bowl.

You can find more information about the Waukee Bowling team, including their schedule, rosters, and scores here.