Meet the Foreign Exchange Students: Ariadna Febre


Photo by Abigail Croushore

Ariadna, one of our exchange students, has enjoyed being in our country and participating on our dance team.

Ariadna Febre is one of our four exchange students this year. Her hometown is very similar to Adel, besides it being located in Chile. Chile has a population of 18.5 million, while the United States has a population of 325.7 million.

When Febre was asked about the food in Chile compared to here she said, “It’s kind of similar I think, but we do more homemade, so we don’t buy a lot of food from restaurants. There are some spicy foods, but I don’t like spicy things.”

She wears essentially the same clothes here as she does back home. They have uniforms at her school back home, and she has a small school. They don’t get to choose their classes, they are chosen for them and they have a different class every week. Similar to other countries, the students remain in the same classroom with the same classmates, while the teachers move from room to room.

Febre did dancing in her home country. She was writing a book, but it wasn’t going so well so she decided to stop it in the middle. She hangs out with her friends, they go to concerts and to the mall.

She has a big family back home–one sister and three brothers. She said her house is quite loud. Two of her siblings are older and have their own families now.

In Chile, they have Snapchat, but no one really likes it. They use Whatsapp because they think that Snapchat isn’t good at communication because you just send pictures. In Whatsapp you can just text to have conversations.

She’s been wanting to be an exchange student here since she was little. Febre used to watch High School Musical and imagined that that’s what school would be like here. She started to apply in January of last year. The application lasted until June because you have to do forums. When she found out she was accepted, she didn’t believe it and was very excited. Her family doesn’t tell her if they are sad that she is gone, but she is sure they are. She believes they are happy for her for being able to get this experience.

Her favorite foods that she has tried since she has been here are French toast and peanut butter. “We have peanut butter in our country, but I didn’t like it as much here,” she said.