November Student of the Month: Emma Brown


Photo by Lida Asilyan

Emma Brown is the is the October Student of the Month. Brown is the daughter of Sue and Kevan Brown and has a GPA of 4.0.

Brown’s favorite classes are biomedical classes, Spanish classes, Advanced Math and Calculus classes. She loves biomedical classes because they challenge her thinking and help to learn how to solve real-world problems. “The teacher cares about you and you’re learning a lot during the classes,” said Brown. She also enjoys Spanish, because she loves learning about other cultures. “ We get to learn about the service and make the world a better place.”

Learning a new language is so much fun for her. Brown loves the Advanced Math mostly because of the good teacher. “I love the Advanced Math and Calculus with Goodale, because I really like the way he teaches. He makes the hard stuff a lot simpler and not so overwhelming. It’s just like one step at the time”.

She volunteers a lot and she is involved in different leadership clubs, such as FCA and more. “I volunteer at Night to Shine and basically we are the Prom buddy for someone with special needs and that is really awesome to see how they’re having fun.” She is also volunteering at the International dinner. Both of them are at Valley church. She also does things outside of Iowa to volunteer. “I went to Houston this past Summer and we got a chance to help remodel and renovate the elementary school.”

Brown is going to the University of Denver but her major is currently undecided because she has different passions and it’s hard to decide.

Her favorite activity is gymnastics, which taught her that hard work never disappears. “Never give up no matter how frustrated you are or how hard it is,” she said.  She also has been hosting exchange students for seven years. “Hosting exchange students opened my eyes to the world and also helped me to put myself on the other’s shoes.”

Her advice to other students is “ Know your worth and who you are. Know also what you value and what works for you! Let your action and interactions be an example. You only get this life one time and you should use it to make a difference, try to make the world better. People will remember you by the way you make them feel. It’s not so much about how you look, what grades you have or how good a gymnast, the athlete you are, it’s just how you make people feel.”

It feels nice to be recognized for something other than gymnastics, showing that I am more than just a gymnast. I am a student and a human being.  “I hope being a Student of the Month means that I have shown good character in the classroom as well as in the hallways and in the world. “

In recognition of her achievement, Raccoon Valley Bank has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.