January 2023 Wrestling Athlete of the Month: Grayson Sutter

January 2023’s wrestling Athlete of the Month is Grayson Sutter. Grayson has been wrestling for 11 years and is a 9th grader here at ADM. He is the son of Mike and Kacey Sutter.

When asked what he loves about wrestling Sutter said, “The satisfaction that it gives you after a hard practice.” “It makes you feel accomplished.” Sutter also described how he feels wrestling will help him in the future because it forces him to be mentally tough. Being named Athlete of the Month means a lot to him, “It’s an honor, I’m very happy and grateful.” Sutter thinks he’s been honored with Athlete of the Month because of the constant hard work and time he dedicates to wrestling and becoming mentally tough. As well as the leadership he’s shown and his high performance so far this season.

In recognition of his achievements, Adel Lions Club has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.