November 2022 Football Player Of The Game: Week 9: Cameron Forgy


Photo creds: Nugent shoots

Novembers Football Player Of Week 9 is , Cameron Forgy, he is a Sophomore here at ADM High School. He is the son to Jamie and Matt Forgy. Cameron has been playing Football since 3rd grade and has enjoyed playing it as the years go on!

Cameron loves Football because it is a very fun sport to play and to be apart of, and he is very good at it. When asked “What does being an Athlete Of The Month” mean to him, Cameron stated, “Its pretty cool and makes me more confident in myself as a teammate and a player on and off the field, it helps me to know my coach sees me.ยจ He thinks he was honored for this because he works hard on and off the field as well as working hard to get on varsity for special teams.


In recognition of Cameron Forgys achievments, Fuller Standard Service, Inc. has donated $50 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.