April Fine Arts Student of the Month: Sylvia Jerden


Senior, Sylvia Jerden, daughter of Robert Jerden and Johana Herderich, has been nominated as one of April’s Fine Arts students of the Month for backstage Drama. They are involved in theatre and has been sound crew head for the last 2 shows.

When asked why they think people should join Drama, Jerden says “Mostly because a lot of people have that fear of performance and there are a lot of crew options that don’t necessarily pertain to performing such as walking a prop across the stage or moving a spotlight. Plus, they are very needed roles since most of our crew members are seniors and are graduating this year.”

They feel honored for getting this achievement because it means they have been recognized for their work. They believe they were awarded because they made sure they had good communication with their crew to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Lincoln Savings Bank has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Fund for their achievement.