Russel Braun- November Teacher of the Month


Photo by Chris Aukes

Russel Braun, Teacher of the Month for November.

Russel Braun, the high school band teacher for ADM, was honored as a Teacher of the Month for November. Braun has been teaching since the fall of 1995, and counted on his fingers to discover that he’s been teaching for 25 (and a quarter) years. He hasn’t always worked at ADM though, he’s spent 20 (and a quarter) years here, and five years at another school.
Braun decided to pursue music because he “always enjoyed music and performing” and he started playing music at a very young age, and continued into college. When he first started attending college, Braun had a double major. Within the first week, he realized that music was his passion and he had to pursue it. He then decided to become a teacher because he strives to help his students, and he really enjoys seeing the “lightbulb moment.” He also mentioned that he loves helping his students develop their skills to their full potential.
Braun says that being a Teacher of the Month is an “awesome honor” and a “privilege” because it helps him know that he’s making a difference with his student’s learning.