Graduated Journalists: Future Plans, Reflections, and More

Last Sunday we said one last goodbye to the seniors as they graduated from ADM and are embarking on the rest of their lives. The Black and Redgister Staff lost a few of their own: Kashish Patel, Aaron Teckenburg, Sean Whitson, and Paige Jansen. Everyone on the news staff cannot wait to see where they go!

Kashish Patel: University of Iowa

Kashish will be taking the Pre-Med route at the U of Iowa. She is majoring in Human Physiology and plans to become a general surgeon.

“I found a family while I was on the news staff and made so many good friends. Being a part of the News staff pushed me out of my comfort zone and I found a side of me that I had never met before. I have formed a special bond with each one of the staff members. I can never ever forget this staff because they pushed me to be a better person and a better journalist. These people have made me laugh more than I ever have. Now they make me cry more than I ever have.”

Aaron Teckenburg: Iowa State University

Aaron will be attending ISU in the fall with a major in Elementary Education.

“My experience with news and The B and R was great and if I could do it all over again, I would. You make lots of friends and the class is just fun in general.”


Sean Whitson: Louisiana State University 

Sean will be attending LSU for Music Education and plans to become a music instructor.

“It was really fun and such an amazing learning experience. I got to learn so much about how journalism workks, and why it is so important in society. It felt so good to be a part of something impactful!”


Paige Jansen: Drake University 

Paige will be attending Drake this fall and with a major in Political Communications. Unsure of what she exactly wants to do, Paige hopes for a career with a similar type of aspects that she experienced in the news and yearbook room.

“Joining The Black and Redgister, I had no idea how much it would impact me into the person I have become today. I wouldn’t have imagined how I would discover my passion for political journalism and photography. I wouldn’t have imagined I would meet my best friends on staff, and create a family of unique individuals tied together under a shared common goal: to give our student body a voice. I will cherish the laughs we have all shared and the memories I have made.”