April Kiwanis Student of the Month: Matt Randol


Matt Randol, Senior.

Matt Randol, son of Bonnie and Bob Randol is honored as April Kiwanis Student of the Month. When asked about his GPA, he replied that he didn’t know. Though he appears to love every class he takes, his three favorite subjects are English, History, and French. Randol is involved in a variety of activities, such as football, track, and Scouts. He loves these activities because they help him work with others, and build leadership skills. In his free time, Randol enjoys volunteering through Scouts and doing community service at local parks. During his interview, he mentioned that if anyone needs help with anything, just ask!
When asked about future plans, Randol responded happily with news of Iowa State University and an engineering degree. His advice to others (related to his success) is to “stand by your own way” and to “hold on to your dreams.”
Randol honestly didn’t know what being a Kiwanis Student of the Month was, or meant to him, but he believed that he received this incredible honor because of his work as an Eagle Scout, and because of his above-average grades.

In honor of his achievements, the Adel Kiwanis Association donated $50 to the ADM scholarship fund.