How to Prepare for the ACT


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“On to College” online ACT Prep.

If you are taking an upcoming ACT test, there are things to know that could definitely help you out.

You do not need to purchase the ACT Online Prep to score well on this test. It can help, or it could just reiterate things you already know, so do not stress if that ship has sailed for you to get ahold of it.

Some important things you should do in preparation for the ACT the night before/the morning of:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep (do not stay up late stressing about the test).
  2. Eat a good breakfast (your body needs fuel to think).
  3. Bring gum for test time, if your testing center allows it (chewing gum can make you attentive).
  4. Arrive to your test early, (if you are late, you will not be able to test at all).

Another important thing to note, don’t cram if you don’t have to. Hopefully you are reading this in time to remind yourself to study consistently. Trust in your knowledge, and when it comes down to bubbling in those answers trust your gut.

A couple convenient and easily overlooked tactics are:

  • Choose the shortest answer, unless it is blatantly wrong.
  • Choose B or C if you are stuck and have limited time.

If you need a last minute study session, that is better than nothing. Remember this isn’t an end all, be all test. It can be taken again if your score isn’t what you wanted.

If you have not signed up for the ACT, here is a link that will share all available testing days and openings.