March Teacher of the Month: Mr. Schroeder


Photo by Paige

Mr. Schroeder has been nominated as one of the teachers of the month. He believes that it means that a connection has been made with the student, which means a lot to him.

Mr. Shroeder has been nominated as one of the teachers of the month for March. He is a veteran teacher, spending 31 years in a classroom, with 27 of those years being at ADM. Before teaching at ADM, he was a teacher in Woodbine, Iowa.

When asked why he wanted to become a teacher, Schroeder said, “It was kinda in my family. Both my parents and my wife were teachers.” He decided to teach business because it was the area he had the most experience in, and he wanted to make a positive change in the world.

Being a Teacher of the Month means a lot to him, as it means that he has connected with a student. He believes that it is hard to know whether a beneficial connection has been made between students, as it is rare for a student to tell them directly.