ADM Bids Adieu To Mrs. Kiva Mullis


Photo by Kashish Patel

Kiva Mullis, Science Teacher at ADM High School. Mrs. Mullis has taught several classes like Chemistry, Accelerated Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Biology, and PLTW Medical Interventions. “It is hard for me to pick a favorite, but if I had to I would say Chemistry. My favorite thing about the classes that I teach is that I get to watch the students grow as learners and as people. I love when I get to teach students for a second time,” says Mrs. Mullis.

Next year many of the excellent ADM teachers will be retiring or leaving ADM. One of these teachers is Mrs. Kiva Mullis. Mrs. Mullis spent her first four years of teaching at ADM High School. At ADM, Mullis taught Biology, Chemistry, Accelerated Chemistry, PLTW Medical Interventions, and AP Chemistry. Mrs. Mullis and her husband will be moving to Boston, MA, where her husband “procured his dream job as a Postdoctoral researcher.”

Mrs. Mullis has also been my AP Chemistry teacher. I was really inspired by the way she teaches and the time that she puts in for her students. AP Chemistry was a tough class for me, though Mrs. Mullis had been very patient and understanding. Even if she was really busy, if I’d go into her room for help she would immediately help me leaving all her work aside. I will really miss the way she teaches and her patience. Jacob Derifield, a student of Mrs. Mullis, has been in two of Mrs. Mullis’ classes and he says that she is his “favorite teacher.” Derifield has spent a lot of time working with Mrs. Mullis outside of school hours. “She spent a lot of time focusing on teaching and was super helpful with everything. I’ll definitely have to carry on what I’ve learned from her,” says Derifield. Mrs. Mullis has always been a helping hand to all the students and staff. One of her colleagues, Mr. Bart Mueller, who also teaches Chemistry has worked closely with Mrs. Mullis as they both teach the same class. He says “Mrs. Mullis has brought many good ideas to our school in teaching chemistry and science, in general.” Mueller says that she cares a lot “not only about students academically but also gets to know them as people. She shows she cares by always having time to tutor students and help them learn while trying to find new ways to help students understand the material better. 

Mullis says that she will “miss the people at ADM the most.” Her students will also miss her fun and caring nature as well. “I’m going to miss her dearly and I feel bad for the students that won’t have her as a teacher next year,” quoted Derifield. Mrs. Mullis has been a great teacher and mentor for many students and will continue to be one wherever she goes. Mrs. Mullis will take away many great memories from ADM but one big takeaway is “the philosophy that all students can succeed!” Mrs. Mullis will be greatly missed by ADM but will always continue to better the future of students in her life.