Febuary Fine Art Student Month: Lucas Neppel


Photo by Paige Jansen

Lucas Neppel is February’s Fine Art Student Month for his involvement in AcDec. In the district compassion, he received 1st place in Literature, economics. He received third in math, interview and socials sciences in the honors group.

Junior Lucas Neppel, son of Renee and Chris Neppel, is February’s Fine Arts Student of the month for his involvement in Academic Decathlon. Neppel, who has been involved in AcDec since his freshman year, is also involved in other activities such as Mock Trial and 4H. Neppel says others should be involved in Fine Arts because of the enjoyment you get out of it. “You should join them because even though it takes time, it’s really enjoyable and you get the effort you put in out of it.” The AcDec team is representing ADM at the State Competition of March 5th and 6th.

Neppel believed he has been honored as student of the month because “I put in a lot of work outside of practice, and I help keep people on track and make it fun.”

In honor of his achievements, Lincoln savings bank has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.