Why You Should Join ADM Golf: 2021


Photo by Dana Brown

February 2021 Open Gyms, Girls Golf team at Minburn Hitting Facility

For a long time, the ADM golf team was combined with both boys and girls. Because of this, there was a lack of the focus necessary for each separate team. Recently there has been a change in staff and we have new coaches for the program, creating much more opportunity for prioritization for the players.

Not only will you have fun playing, but you are learning a lifelong skill. The bonds that you make within the team are irreplaceable. Golf is an intellectual sport and though you have to work hard, it is not as physically straining in comparison to other spring sports like soccer or track. The effort that you put in will be worth it to see your progression over the season. The sport is a great way to show your passion while maintaining an equilibrium for school and life in general.

The head coach for the girls is Dana Brown who took over in 2019. As a member of the girls team and having been coached by Dana, I can say with complete certainty that you will enjoy your season and look up to her for the rest of your life. Brown cannot wait for a Tiger comeback this year and to bask in the new talent our freshman and sophomores are bringing in addition to the upperclassman.

Brown was an ADM graduate and played golf here under Coach Goodale, qualifying for the State meet in 2001. Dana is a great inspiration for all athletes, even those that don’t come from a golfing family. She began golfing in 7th-8th grade, which shows how much progress you can make in such little time. “High school ┬áis an absolutely perfect time to learn the game of golf. You will never have another similar opportunity to play daily, experience different local courses and grow as an athlete and person – team and individually,” said Brown.

For his first year coaching boys golf, Nolan Gitch, or Mr.Gitch, is excited to jump into the season. Gitch has coached football and wrestling here at ADM and is known to several of our athletes as well as teaches History. If you have never encountered Mr. Gitch and would like to know what he is like or what his team will look like, here is a preview.

Gitch is already very appreciative of this season, being that last year it was taken from us, due to COVID. As for this season itself, the warm weather is best spent on a golf course, in his opinion. As of right now, open gyms are held on Monday nights at the Minburn facility at 6:00 P.M., so as a coach, he cannot wait to see the improvement the teams can make, come end of May.

For Mr. Gitch’s history with golf, he played in highschool and was lucky enough to be apart of a state tournament in 2008 at Lake Panorama. He began playing golf as early as he can remember, giving our ADM athletes a chance to learn a lot from him. There are goals Coach Gitch has set in place for every person who goes out for golf, which creates a standard for all athletes considering the sport. To give you a look inside to what being coached by Gitch would be like, he has said that he will definitely focus on making sure every golfer is enjoying the sport but wants to get the team to a point where they can contend for State Golf this year, which ADM is hosting at River Valley Golf Course.

Both Coach Brown and Coach Gitch want the overall average of the team to improve from the beginning of the season to the end. This goal is great for the team because it gives each player a purpose greater than themselves, but for their entire team. It takes an individual sport where you rely on no one but yourself, a sense of community.

Every season looks the same in regards to meets and practices. Until the weather permits us to practice outside, the teams will meet at the Minburn facility every weekday after school to hit with simulators. There is also a practice green and netted sections for shorter distances shots, commonly known as chipping and pitching. When the teams move outside and onto the course, River Valley graciously sponsors our school, giving us the chance to practice on a real golf course. This is perfect for the athletes that need more real course experience and gives the visual for how a meet would go.

Meet are even more fun. You will travel to the meet location, like any other sport, and play their home course. Because of this you can see so many different courses around Iowa and really get experience for free. Not only does this show you what golfing will be like when you are older, but the meet experiences are so much fun with your team. The time that you get to bond with them is irreplaceable.

Golf is a sport that you can play for the rest of your life and learning to play is a skill you can use forever. Being on the team since freshman year, I have learned so much about the sport while gaining so many friends along the way. You can see insane improvement from just one season of advisement from your coaches which makes it the perfect sport and the perfect timing for a beginner.