February Wrestling Cheerleader of the Month: Kaisha Christianson


Photo by Kashish Patel

Cheerleader of the Month Kaisha Christianson prepares to call a cheer.

Kaisha Christianson, daughter of Kat and Casey Christianson, has been recognized as the February Wrestling Cheerleader of the Month for her hard work and dedication to the cheerleading program. Christianson has been a part of the cheerleading program for 3 years. Kaisha loves cheering because of the liveliness of the sport. “I love the energy of the sport,” says Christianson.

Being acknowledged as the Cheerleader of the Month means a lot to Christianson because it shows her that she is appreciated for what she does. Kaisha believes that she has been chosen to be the cheerleader of the month because she is always “there for the team when they need help with a cheer or have any questions.”

In honor of her achievements, Adel TV and Appliance has donated $100 to the ADM Scholarship Foundation.