A 2021 Prom

A 2021 Prom

Now that 2020 is coming to an end, we have some new things to think about. We all know that because of the Coronavirus, Homecoming 2020 was cancelled, but Prom is going to look a little different.

By now, every upperclassman has received at least one email in regards to the Prom committee, and/or volunteer hours for Prom, in hopes of it actually happening. But what is going to change and how will we take into account Covid regulations while still having a good time?

“Prom will for sure look different this year but we are going to do everything we can to make it as normal as possible,” said Emma Mellencamp, Prom committee member.

Some things that will for sure have to be taken into account are maintaining social distance and keeping face coverings on. Not only is the dance going to be laid out differently than before, but after-prom will be new too. Usually there activities you can attend and different things to do around the school at night, but this year will they even host an after-prom? My concern is, will the school be able to put on the event while keeping everyone in masks and six feet apart?

With all these questions, the students want answers. After speaking with one of the members on the Prom committee, some new facts came to light. There has been talk about switching the dance from the gym to the football field to increase space, weather permitting.

Sophie Danner, another member of the committee, said, “There will still be a coronation for king and queen.”

Though Coronavirus has taken a lot for us in 2020, hopefully ADM can still have Prom and students can make new memories for 2021 that were taken last year.