December Basketball Player of the Month: Dylan Anderson


Photo by Paige Jansen

Senior Dylan Anderson started in the lineup of the first game of the year.

Senior Dylan Anderson is the son of Jeff and Lori Anderson. Anderson has been playing basketball,  “for as long as I can remember” he said. He started his basketball career at the YMCA at a young age. Anderson is a team player and loves his teammates, especially the group of senior leaders.

“The things I love about the team is how close we are, our group of seniors has been working towards this season together since probably elementary school so it is great to see it come to fruition” Anderson said.

He feels he is being recognized for Player of the Month because of his hard work on the varsity level and his coaches ability to recognize the effort he and his teammates bring to the court everyday.

When asked what being Player of the Month means to him, Anderson said,”It is nice to be recognized in any way but it is especially nice to be recognized for something you love doing.”

In honor of his achievements, Fuller Standard Service is granting $50 to the ADM scholarship foundation.