A Salute to Mrs. Storm


Photo by Canva

Sheri Storm, who served in the Army Reserve for 8 years, loved the family atmosphere and the connection of the military with her father, with both of them attending veteran celebrations at the State Fair together.

From a young age, Sheri Storm knew she wanted to help people in some way. While attending college, she followed in her family’s footsteps and joined the Army Reserve in 1987. Being in the military was brought to Storms’ attention in college as she was able to get some benefits- such as the G.I. Bill that helped pay for her education. 

“It was something my dad did and both my grandparents and I connected with them.” Storm said. “I’m very patriotic- and it was something I was able to do with my father.” Leaving the state after growing up in Waukee was eye-opening for her. “ It was an experience since I was from Iowa and I was out in Fort Dix, New Jersey for basic training. There was a lot of diversity which was awesome because in Waukee there was not. I had met lots of wonderful women from all different parts of the state that showed me more experience.” During basic training, Storm was able to experience going through gas chambers as well as shooting weapons, something that is in her comfort zone as a hunter. 

To her being in the military was her duty. She was proud she could do what she could to help support America. “ being part of the military was like a family. We all trained together and each of us had each other’s back.  When I went to basic I got to experience unity with all different people that worked hard to train in case we had to protect our freedom.” 

Storm was a military occupational specialist and was a 76th victor specializing in supplies. “I got to pack all the supplies we could possibly need and ship them. I learned to drive a forklift and learned how to pack things so when it was shipping it didn’t get broken, I also worked in the mess pool- which is the food and we had to learn how to prepare a lot of meals.“ She stayed in the United States the entire 8 years she served. 

Throughout her military career, she went to basic training, did Advanced Individual Training, and worked her way up to a Sergeant. Storm served a weekend each month, as well as for two weeks in the summer. Her time in the military even affected her own wedding. “When Desert Shield happened in 1990 I had to move my wedding up because my unit was being called over to war.  I moved my wedding from April to January.  After moving my wedding and sending out invites, they ended up canceling my unit and taking a different Platoon out of Pennsylvania,” she said. 

 Storm loved the rigor of training, the structure, the physical aspects of serving in the army reserve, and the family she found. Looking back, she felt that it honored her with her father. She was honorably discharged from the army reserve after the 76th victor was dispersed. “I could have transferred down to a unit in Saint Louis but at that time I had a 1-year-old and a three-year-old and my husband didn’t want me traveling.” Storm said. “I wish I would have stayed in. I would have had 33 years then.  If I could go back I wish I would have still been in.”

All her life Sheri Storm wanted to help people. Throughout the military and her teaching career, she achieved that. “I figured the Lord must have had a different plan for me since I wanted to help people that I finished my teaching degree and here you have me,” she said.