Results of the 2020 Presidential Election

Joe Biden, New President Elect of the United States of America.

The 2020 Presidential Election was a bumpy road. There were a lot of concerns from both parties regarding the ballots. Democrats believe that it was wrong for President Donald Trump to announce a premature victory, whereas Republicans believed that there was an immense amount of voter fraud that favored Vice President Joe Biden.

Nonetheless, Biden won with 290 electoral college votes, surpassing the 270 minimum. Joe Biden is now the President elect for the United States of America and will take office on January 20th, 2021. But what does his victory mean for our country? What does it mean for the average American? What does it mean for you?

First, let’s clarify what it doesn’t mean. If Trump were to have won, there was a plan that was passed around the Senate regarding health care. Now, Trump has barely touched on what his healthcare plan was during all of election season, but what he did suggest was not beneficial to young adults and current students. President Trump had proposed changing the age you have to be to stay on your parents healthcare plan.

Currently in America, when you turn 26 years old you have to start paying for your own health insurance, but the proposal is to change the age to 18. I don’t know about you, but I will not be able to afford my healthcare on my own then. This can also mean that some high school students would have to pay for their own healthcare before they even graduate. Students can have low credit scores and crazy debt before they even get their first job. Thankfully, Biden has no plan to implement this.

Besides a con to a Trump victory, let’s discuss a pro, or a few, of Biden’s. One thing that is super important to understand is the requirements for Biden’s new tax plan. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that Biden is going to raise taxes for 72% of americans. This is simply false, and Biden’s administration has already explained the regulations.

The plan is for Americans making over $400,000 a year to have an increased tax percentage for the money going over the dollar cap. Meaning, that if someone were to make $450,000 dollars a year, $400,000 of that would be taxed like normal, but the $50,000 leftover would be taxed more, percentage wise. This plan is very beneficial. The government money goes to very important things like schools, military, roads, etc. With inflation and the current recession our economy is in, this tax plan can help our country.

Another important thing that should be noted, is Biden’s acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. When Biden first became a senator at age 30, he announced his unacceptance of the gay community and since then completely changed his viewpoint. He now supports organizations and was the first government official to be outspoken in support of LGBTQ+ people.

This paved the way for Obama to legalize gay marriage in some states, and help the community in all kinds of ways. It is crucial to understand that Joe Biden was serving as Obama’s vice president, and he had a great impact in everything they did. The Obama directive was passed through regarding treatment of transgender students, they repealed the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy (discriminatory policy regarding LGBTQ+ serving in the military), and signed the “Hate Crimes Prevention Act” into law, which made it illegal to commit hate crimes against another person because of their sexual orientation.

President Donald Trump has created a negative stigma towards LGBTQ+, by tweeting transgender people should not be allowed to serve in the military, openly saying he does not support gay marriage, joking with Vice President Mike Pence about hanging members of the community, and getting rid of all of Obama’s directives that supported the community. With Biden’s victory this election season, hopefully he can change that.

It is exciting to know that January of 2021, Joe Biden will do everything he can to make life safer, easier, and more enjoyable for every American.