ADM XC: On to State

ADM XC runners lining up for recognition before State meet. Pictured by Haley Gonzalez.

The State qualifiers for ADM XC, lining up for their virtual announcement, Oct. 30.

The ADM Boys and Girls Cross Country team has made it to the State meet. They compete Friday, October 30 through Saturday, October 31.  The meet location is in Fort Dodge, which is close to an hour and a half travel time for our Tigers. This is the first time the Boys ADM team has made an appearance at State in the last three years as a team. Geneva Timmerman is making her second appearance at the meet, qualifying as an individual as well. Congrats runners!

Timmerman, a sophmore, says, “Whenever I get stressed, I try to do things I find enjoyment in. This year will be different for me, because last year when I went State, I was so overwhelmed and confused. Now I know what to expect, going in.”

There is a lot of preparation work that goes into being a State competitor. When Cooper Greenslade and Timmerman were asked about what they do, they both said one thing in particular. Hydrate. They both listed off several important things such as going to bed early, eating the right foods, and stretching. All runners make sure to hydrate all throughout today and keep a bottle of water on them.